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City 101: Who Provides Services in North Plains?

services_iconsThe City of North Plains provides a variety of services including clean drinking water, streets and street light maintenance, library, economic development, infrastructure & land use planning, parks, and police within the city limits. There are also many other public agencies and organizations that provide key services to our community.

Below is an overview of some of the key services provided to you by our partner agencies along with links to their websites if you’d like more information.

  • County Services - North Plains is located within Washington County which provides specific services to the entire county including within all city limits. These include assessment and taxation, building permitting, animal services/pet licensing, community corrections/jail, cooperative library services, emergency management, health and human services, justice courts, and public safety (see below).
  • Public Safety Support - North Plains has an agreement with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to provide law enforcement services in North Plains. Our dedicated staff includes Police Chief James Haxton, who reports directly to the North Plains City Manager, and two full-time officers. All wear City of North Plains Police Department uniforms and patrol the City in North Plains marked vehicles. Sheriff’s Office deputies provide additional response and public safety support as needed.
  • Fire and Rescue - Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R) is our partner agency providing response and services to North Plains and the surrounding area. A TVF&R fire station is located downtown at 31370 NW Commercial Street and is staffed with a crew 24/7.
  • Public Schools - North Plains is located within the Hillsboro School District (HSD). We are served by North Plains and Atfalati Ridge Elementary schools, Evergreen Middle School and Glencoe High School.
  • Power/Electricity - The area’s electric utility is Portland General Electric. There is a PGE substation located on NW Shadybrook Road.
  • Natural Gas - NW Natural is the natural gas provider that serves residential customers in western Oregon.
  • Garbage & Recycling - Garbarino Disposal provides trash, recycling, and green waste collection services.
  • Sewer - Clean Water Services provides wastewater treatment services to our area and also works to enhance and protect the Tualatin River Watershed (the only river in Washington County).
  • Oregon Highway 26 - the Oregon Department of Transportation owns and maintains Highway 26, including overpasses and on/off-ramps.
Note: North Plains is not within the Metro Regional Government boundary