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General Email Inbox: info@northplains.org

After hours water issues please call: 503-329-4379
SEQ No Department Name First Name Last Name Position Email Phone
1.00 City Manager's Office Andy Varner City Manager citymanager@northplains.org (503) 647-5555
2.00 Police Department Nick Jones Police Chief policechief@northplains.org (503) 647-5555
3.00 Public Works Department Dustin Lueckenotte Public Works Director dustin.lueckenotte@northplains.org (503) 647-5555
4.00 Public Library Robin Doughty Library Director rdoughty@wccls.org (503) 647-5051
5.00 City Manager's Office Lori Lesmeister City Recorder lori.lesmeister@northplains.org (503) 647-5555
6.00 Finance Department Bill Reid Finance Director finance@northplains.org (503) 647-5555
7.00 Planning Department Steve Miller Planning Manager steve.miller@northplains.org (503) 647-5555
8.00 Odor Complaints odor@northplains.org (503) 647-9489
9.00 Water Billing General Questions info@northplains.org (503) 647-5555